Obviously, that is not the actual title of the article. The article frequently uses “seduced” and “affair.” Of course, when one reads what actually occurred it becomes fairly clear that this was hardly “consensual”
A single mother had **** with a 12-year-old boy over 200 times – marking each encounter with a star in a sordid diary.

Angela Sullivan, 36, could face an indefinite jail sentence after admitting ten child **** charges.

Sullivan even bought the youngster a pair of trainers as a reward when the pair slept together for the 100th time, Teesside Crown Court heard.

She first seduced the boy by plying him with alcohol and performing a **** act on him, the court was told.

The pair went on to have a ten-month affair, which was only uncovered after rumours circulated at the boy’s school about Sullivan being pregnant.

Investigators also discovered the schoolboy had been boasting to friends in internet chatrooms about his relationship.

The mother would often have ** with the youngster in her Middlesbrough home after sending her own son to stay with his grandparents.

When police arrested Sullivan in October, they found a diary filled with childish entries and 191 stars to mark each encounter.

Her entries were far from childish. Rather, they are classic pedophile tendencies to keep track of the abuse so they can relive it. And that appears to be exactly what this unemployed single-mother is: a pedophile. She fits the profile very well, sans being female, and it appears she engaged in the common behaviors used to gain the boy’s trust after clearly raping him the first time.

Of course, the woman is not actually charged with rape or **** assault or even ***ual battery. Instead, she plead guilty to ten counts of “causing or inciting a child to engage in ***ual activity.” That is interesting phrasing, specifically because technically absolves the woman of any real responsibility for her own actions. She did not cause or incite a child to engage in ***ual activity. She got her victim drunk and raped him and then groomed him for ten months so she could continue to rape him.

Whether this woman will actually receive a long sentence or just the bare minimum is anyone’s guess. The recent Vanessa George case involved infants, whereas this case involves a preteen boy. There is a possibility that this woman will be allowed to slide, and one should not be surprised if the reason revolves around her being a single-mother. Of course, her attorney is playing the “she’s nuts” angle by asking for a psychiatric report. Some psychiatrist will likely claim this woman was abused or thinks like a child or was damaged by past relationships with men. None of that changes her obvious predatory nature. It is just a matter of whether the court buys into it. Let us hope the court does not.


Sullivan was sentenced to nine years in jail. Of course, the excuse making for her actions continued despite the sentence:

Jailing Sullivan for nine years, Judge John Walford described the case as ”shocking”.

”You took advantage of this boy’s age,” the judge said.

”While I accept from the papers that you did not ply him with drink, the fact of the matter is that to allow a 12-year-old boy to drink, such that he did become intoxicated, is in my judgment shameful.”

The judge condemned Sullivan for the psychological effect her conduct would have on the victim and her own son.

”But having read the pre-sentence report and the psychiatric report upon you I am prepared to accept this was an aberration, albeit one that was long lasting, rather than anything more serious,” he said.

Looking at Sullivan’s actions, the fact that she intentionally allowed her victim to get drunk before raping him, that she kept notes about raping him, that she bragged to her friends about raping him, that she would send her son (who may have been a victim of hers, assuming anyone checked) away in order to rape her victim, and the fact that she raped her victim nearly 200 time clearly demonstrates that Sullivan’s actions were anything but aberrations. To rape a child repeatedly in a handful of months and brag about it constitutes a very serious problem. This idea that when women rape it is harmless or more harmful to them than their victims is absolute nonsense.

Child rape is always serious, never an aberration.

How can one woman do something like this to her child?
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